This year has certainly been anything but ordinary for us. It is a challenging time, and although the season was cut short we would like to acknowledge the financial support received from the Sask Sport. This support will ensure we can continue to provide our services next season without missing a beat!


Curl Sask https://curlsask.ca/
Welldone Mechanical http://www.welldone.com/
Dusyk and Barlow Insurance https://www.saskinsurance.com/contact-us/ 
Molson https://www.molson.ca/en/
Stevenson Industrial refrigeration 306-807-9276
Superstore Flooring  https://www.flooringsuperstoreregina.ca/
Creative Option Regina https://creativeoptionsregina.ca/
Wine Kitz https://winekitzregina.com/
Fries Tallman Lumber http://friestallman.com/
Beam Suntory https://www.beamsuntory.com/en

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Caledonian Curling Club
2225 Sandra Schmirler Way
Regina SK S4W 1B6

Phone: 525-8171

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About our Club

The Caledonian Curling Club has been one of the most prominent curling rinks in Canada for many years. The club was established on October 14, 1915.

Since its beginning so many years ago, the club has harboured many provincial, national, and even Olympic champions.  Read more ...